3 Water Activities In The Caribbean

The warm Caribbean waters are ideal for a variety of aquatic activities. Here are a few recommended water activities you have to experience for yourself:

1. Snorkelingsnorkeling
When traveling to the Caribbean Islands, check out the underwater life and habitat. There are plenty of areas that offer incredible snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities for travelers. Explore the shipwrecks and underwater walls in Antigua, the miles of coral gardens at the Underwater Marine Park in Curacao or swim with the sharks at the Dominican Republic’s Silver Bank.

2. Paddle boarding
Watch various forms of marine life swimming underneath your board while swimming through the Caribbean waters. Regardless of your experience with paddle boarding, you can still enjoy paddle boarding in the Caribbean. No need to worry about carrying your own board, there are plenty of islands that offer boards for rent. You can paddle board alone or opt to go on an eco-tour with a group of tourists.

3. Surfing
Strong trade winds make the Caribbean Islands the perfect place for surfing the waters. Feel the water and wind brush against your face by surfing, windsurfing or kite surfing. Hot spots include the Dutch islands of Aruba and the British Virgin Islands. For surfers who are looking for some private time at the beach, Nevis is the place to go.

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